ANGEL VIVALDI – New Music Video From Melodic Shred Master

A while back, Gear God Chris was waxing philosophical about the difference between a mimed playthrough and a music video, saying the former should just be called the latter. Sure, a playthrough is fun to watch, but if we’re not hearing the recorded audio from the performance we’re seeing, it is in essence the same idea as a music video, though generally smaller in scope.


And then there’s Angel Vivaldi. He’s taken this idea to a whole other level. He doesn’t make just the same ol’ guitar videos – his videos are mini cinematic masterpieces. Between his Dune-like sci-fi epic, trying to become a White Walker, or just chillin by the pool, he’s going the extra mile to make sure his soundtrack is accompanied by a sweet movie.

Last week he released the video for his song ._ _ _ _  (One), and it’s another showstopper. Not sure I entirely followed the plot, but between the stunning visuals and shredding performance, I didn’t care at all.

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