Rigged: Fight Amp, Round 3: Drums

I won’t shut up about Constantly Off, the supremely enjoyable and re-listenable 18-minute show of force from Philadelphia’s Fight Amp, until you sit your ass down and listen. Although their spectrum of influences is all over the place – you hear at once loves for sludge, noise, thrash, and choruses from whatever the genre is that the Melvins are in that was anti-Guns N’ Rosescore, among others.


But Constantly Off doesn’t feel like a sum of its parts so much as a realized piece of work from three dudes who love “rawk.” The spacing, pacing, and development is perfect, and you leave having listened to this thing with a feeling that’s sorta rare these days: satisfied, but wanting more.

Moving on, in the last of our exclusive rig clips from Fight Amp focuses on drummer Dan Smith. What’s pretty cool about this vid is that Dan plays one of the very last drum kits built by Athon, the late bassist from Black Tusk, whose gear didn’t often get featured. It’s good to know that somewhere in a dirty basement out there, that dude’s spirit is kept alive in Dan and others’ drums.

Check it out!

Fight Amp’s mini-tour with KEN Mode soldiers on. Tonight in Montreal, and tomorrow at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. Catch em on the remaining dates:

June 17 – Montreal, QB – Turbo Haus w/ the Great Sabatini, Fashion Police

June 18 – Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus w/ Pyrrhon, Couch Slut

June 19 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie w/ Psychic Teens, Vaporizer

June 20 – Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups w/ Lo-Pan

June 21 – Chicago, IL – The Burlington w/ Swan King

July 17 – Baltimore, MD – The Sidebar w/ Ilsa, Gatecreeper, Die Choking*

* = no KEN Mode

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