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Opeth's sonic palette has shifted again on their new record, albeit more subtly.

Does he own any branded gear that doesn't begin with "E"? Yes, but still, our E-meter is off the charts

After all these years the Triaxis is still going strong.

I was going to make a more specific reference to Phantasy Star III but I thought it might be too

The Born Of Orisis/We Came As Romans/etc producer squashed his entire vocal chain into one inexpensive plug-in.

Or Kirk Hammett over Motley Crue. Or George Lynch over Iced Earth. Or

The Perpetual Burn was decades in the making.

But if you try to wipe with it I will beat you until you have no arms. It's a very

Hannes Grossmann Leaves the Metal in his Rearview Mirror and Eats a "James Brownie"

He's a drummer that's bean around the block, playing everything from groundcore to the new wave of Americano death metal.

They're found in Roland's Jupiter-80 keyboard and Integra-7 module.

You may have heard of him.

The tools of the trade for big Sabbathy riffs.