This Fender Stratocaster Is Literally Made Out of Cardboard

On the spectrum of weird gear, this Fender guitar made completely out of cardboard is definitely pushing things (sort of like Longmont Potion Castle’s stratocaster filled with frozen blueberries). A collaboration between Signal Snowboards and a manufacturing consulting and building company Ernest Packaging, this thing is literally made out of multiple layers of corrugated cardboard.


The cardbocaster is comprised of component parts of a strat – strings, frets, pickups, and pick guard – but its entire body is made out of finely hewn and constructed cardboard. It sounds surprisingly cool, basically like a real strat, as demonstrated in the video below. Check it out:

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  • If this doesn’t end the tonewood debate, I can’t imagine what will.

    • Thank you! I only wish they would have pulled a regular strat off the wall and A/B’d them.

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