JARED DINES – 10 Amp Metal Song

In case you are unaware, Jared Dines is unstoppable this year. His viral videos were everywhere, like the plague, but funny. His fame is well deserved, because unlike some YouTuberoonies, he can play his ass off, on several instruments no less.


He’s teamed up with Fluff on this video to shoot out 10 different amps and get a cool comparison of what each one sounds like in a mix. I think they pretty much just used all the amps in Fluff’s collection, which is a pretty significant undertaking.

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  • Oh man that Randall was bad

  • Oh look, more dunking on a Spider IV combo that uses an 8-inch speaker in comparison to amps employing multiple 12-inch speakers.

    I’m gonna keep saying it till the end of time: the Spider amps sound great when you get one that has a Celestion Vintage 30 in it. Which, lucky for us, is literally any of the ones sized 30W or above.

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