Exclusive Playthrough: Existential Animals, “Apopheniac”

Rl tlk: I’m sick of “live playthroughs” in which the guitarist mimes along to a recording that they already landed when they first put their parts to tape. I’m much more impressed (and more likely to actually watch) playthroughs like what we shot with Existential Animals, in which a brand new performance is captured, for the video itself.


In case you’re a neophyte to Existential Animals, the band are a sort of one-man-show a la Pomegranate Tiger or Cloudkicker, only their music comes from fucking Mars compared to those bands. Pulling from as much technical death metal as from the aesthetic spirit of the modern New York avant-garde (Pyrrhon, Imperial Triumphant, Krallice, Behold the Arctopus), guitarist and composer Mark M-R has cut his teeth on more weirdo music chops than… probably you. Check out his writing for MetalSucks if you don’t believe me.

So we are proud to premiere an exclusive guitar playthrough for the track “Apopheniac,” shot right here at the Basement at Alternate Gear Gods HQ. We also took the time to shoot a Weekly Riff for which Mark has been cool enough to provide both tabs and notation for, if you want to take a crack at mastering this insanity. Enjoy:



“Apopheniac” is taken from Prism Prison / Apopheniac, which is available for free streaming and download along with the band’s 2014 EP Surrealith at their Bandcamp page.

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