Gear Gods

Lots of people are playing NAMM, don't miss them if you go!

NAMM will test every inch of your resolve - make sure you have steeled yourself.

In-studio footage show good things to come with upcoming release Ageless

The man behind recordings by Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Who, the Clash, in an extended conversation.

High on Fire, Failure, Clutch, and more are tracking new rippers.

I personally would have gone with DocumenterNaut, but what do I know.

The space metal nerd cred meter just started smoking and then exploded.

If only marriage equality extended to amps I would propose to that Soldano.

Charlie Benante teases with some brief in-studio clips.

How about some new multi-cam drum footage of the 'Witch?

This week the prize is a 3-pack of Heavy Core Bass Strings