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They do concern, however, several Dark Matters.

And the band's guitarist Brad Marr will show you the notes "One by One" as well. Never has a song

Drummer Mauro Mercurio parts the "Anoxic Waters."

It continues the trend of EHX pedals that combine two to three of their units into one box.

Remember when people used to write out their charts on actual paper? They may have even used pencils. Can

Some insane drum cam footage for you, with a bonus cymbal setup chart courtesy of Meinl.

A second Rigged on Empress AD, because one is never enough.

Our JamPlay contest has been narrowed down to 5 finalists. Now we turn to the readers to select the best

An overdrive, improved by removing the overdrive. Curious?

No need to kemper your expectations: this is a quality pedal.

Yes, a new drummer rigged! Plus, drum mic'ing tips from Baptists' producer Kurt Ballou.

Its drive is professionally tight. Looseness is for amateur hour.