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Filmed at Kirk Von Hammett's Fear FestEvil in San Francisco.

The killing machine part is included, but class is a paid upgrade

Okay fine, it's a Jackson, not a Gibson. But I wanted to make the pun, and the body shape is

Yes, it runs on feet. I hope you have a lot of them.

This rig costs more than your car.

You guys really want to have this conversation don't you? So let's have it.

Feel like filming your attempts to one-take a difficult song in front of a condescending audience of internet trolls? Of

Tat's a real nice looking guitar.

Dave Mustaine and Thin Lizzy's Ricky Warwick hash it out.

Watch Josean Orta beat the crap out of his drums during a live performance of "Thank You Budd Dwyer."

Except Buddy Rich. What is this, amateur hour kid? Get it together already? Know how many guys would kill for

Alternate headline: "Man Falls in Love With a Bass, Takes its Name in Matrimony."

We're through the looking glass here, people.