Primitive Weapons Bring the “Electric Drama” With Green Screens

One of my favorite bands going today is Primitive Weapons. The Brooklyn band, composed of hardcore scene veterans like guitarist Arthur Shepherd, who’s been in a billion bands including Mind over Matter, and is now one of the co-owners of Saint Vitus Bar with vocalist David Castillo, has an edge, attitude, and grace rarely seen in this kind of music. So it’s exciting to hear that they’ve got a record coming out this fall via Ben Weinman’s outlet Party Smasher Inc, entitled The Future of Death.


The boys just dropped a new video for “The Electric Drama,” which heavily incorporates green screen in one of the more creative ways since Entombed’s “Wolverine Blues” vid from way back in the $100,000-budget video days. At its heart, this video is just a live performance (shot in Saint Vitus), but the disorienting flickering of band and crowd functions both as a cool aesthetic choice as well as a subtle commentary on modern-day concertgoing. I love seeing this sort of art – the kind that doesn’t overbearingly preach a political message, but also doesn’t rely on a technology or gear choice to be its driving force.

Oh, and the song is relentless. Check it out below and get stoked for this album.

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