Pete Cottrell Demos the Siggi Braun FAFNYR 8 String Guitar

A well produced and great sounding demo will make you G.A.S. for just about anything, but in some cases it’s a lot easier than others.


Siggi Braun is a company I’m only peripherally familiar with, but this demo brought them very much to my attention. Pete Cottrell has a way of doing that – his YouTube channel is chock full of tasty and interesting songs (Random Number Metal, Prime Number Metal) where he makes full use of his songwriting, production, and guitar playing chops, as well as a keen sense of adventure.

This week he recorded a good old fashioned demo of a new axe – the Siggi Braun Fafnyr. I can’t help but notice that the word Fafnyr is very reminiscent of fan frets, which this cool looking 8 string guitar also has. It’s also rocking what the SB website refers to as “Dragon Skin” finish, which looks a bit like recently cooled lava. Which makes sense, because Fafnir of legend was in fact a dragon.

So check out the fire-breathing axe below and let us know what you think:

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