Gear Gods

Yo dawg, I heard you like Slayer, so I put a 1/4 jack in your ride so you can shred

The rest are rotting in a cupboard somewhere, I bet.

The House of Blues in Anaheim will be overrun with metal legends on this coming January 21st as Metal Allegiance

We caught up with the Between the Buried and Me mainman about his new solo record, Modern Noise.

This is one major league bass. Balls! That should have been the headline.

If there were a competition as to who has the most expensive rig that we've covered, Circuitry may be the

I've seen your guitar fate today, and it's "Mercy"ful

The new, smaller, Bulb Attack pedal is half the size, half the buttons, 97% of the fun.

Check out some footage of Converge from the skinsman's POV (not that kind of POV, you sicko).

Still. Born. One. Born. Dead. Still. Dead. One. Born. One. One. Dead. Born.

The ex-Shai Halud vocalist and current Enabler guitarist gives you the breakdown on how the Hollow Earth is tilled. Tilling

Phil Dubois-Coyne rips through a track off Deathless.