FEARED – Ola Englund “By Silent Screaming” Guitar Playthrough

Ola Englund‘s Feared is one of the most underrated metal bands out there right now. Sure, they’re a little straightforward at times, but between the killer production, sheer attitude, and stupid good performances from the band, it’s a wonder I even noticed. They do sometimes veer off into proggy weirdness too, but only when they get sick of crushing skulls and big sexy hooks.


Ola has gained popularity through his YouTube channel’s gear demos that showcase his engineering skill, songwriting, insane guitar skills, and flowing blonde locks. I’ve met him and he’s also insanely nice, so as far as I know, there’s nothing not to like. For these reasons and so many more, you need to turn your eyes and ears to this playthrough of “By Silent Screaming” from Feared’s latest album Synder

Also includes a tab, should you wish to learn how to play along!

And if you don’t want to sleep, say, ever again, you should also watch the official video which is creepy as shit.

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