JOHN PETRUCCI Demos His JP, BFR, and SBMM Guitars

Just when I think I’m okay at demoing guitars, this motherfucker outplays AND out-beards me. I mean, I probably shouldn’t be comparing myself to John Goddamn Petrucci, because shit, Dream Theater and all.


Lucky for me, he’s contractually obligated to only play and demo his own signature models, because I would be right the fuck out of a job. So thank fucking Christ for that. Because I don’t even know if I’m physically capable of growing a beard that majestic, or if I should spend time on that when what I need to be doing is practicing anyway.

Of course, there’s the objectivity aspect here – of course he likes them, he’s nips deep in the development and design of these things, not to mention the shitting income he gets from every sale, I’m sure – a demo from a third party would certainly be more objective (hint fucking hint). But son of a bitch does he play the ever loving tits out of them.

I play a JP7, and I will say that I hell-ass-bastard love the cock out of it, but I’ve only played a Majesty for like 5 minutes and haven’t tried the others below. So it’s nice to see them played like they’re meant to.

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