Gear Gods

I wonder where that fish did go, a fish, a fish, a fishy, oooohhhhhh?

Turning the peanut gallery into peanut butter.

Ex-Between the Buried and Me drummer rips on Tommy Giles' new solo record.

Now that the rest of us are quitting music, can I call dibs on human taxidermy?

The world's best, and also shittiest, coffee.

Black Light White Light Red Pedal Gold Digger.

Is the JCM 900 unfairly maligned when compared to the 800? After hearing the gnarly tones on Helsinki Savagery I

Wait, is that a Fender P-Bass in David's hands instead of one of his trusty Jacksons?

The yaybahar kind of looks like what you'd use to plot a course to the moon in a dirigible.

Stop sucking, start rocking.

They've got the kind of riffs that made Nietzche write "The Antichrist"