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Trust me, videos of yourself hanging out with Erik Rutan are very difficult to fake.

Interestingly, this wasn't the only instance where the Turtles travelled in time. Who can name the other?

And that spectrum spans somewhere between azure and cyan, apparently.

In the gray binary world of metal software you have to snatch your laughs where you can find them.

Hive been waiting, for a girl like you, to come in to-oooo my life.

An entire day of geeking out on some of our favorite gear of the year.

It features the lineup from the band's seminal Human era.

Get a head start in enjoying Brann Dailor's Once More 'Round the Sun drumming by playing it yourself.

The band has recently moved to Kemper Profiling amps.

I was going to go for some topical Godzilla-esque title, about Marty Crossing the Pacific to terrorize Ben in New

The engineer/musicians talk shop about mastering, recording, and performing.

Your options for killing the ring have broadend.

The makers of Axe-FX want you to step on them.

Synyster Gates on one of his more obscure influences, and a brief jam session to follow.

Instrument instruction is the last safe bastion for the dvd format, apparently.

A drummer that brings his own mics to the gig is a drummer I can get behind.