Gear Gods

With fingers stolen from spiders, anything is possible.

Drummer JJ Tartaglia rips and has hilarious cymbal placement!

Enjoy last licks of some Canadian fretless bass prog-tech.

Matt Garstka goes in-depth on his practice routine for drumeo.

You better believe I wanted to rip some Van Halen on these, but so did everyone else and it was

Catch up on the recording of Enchanted by the Most Abonimable and Desolate Demons From Beyond The Realm of Chaos,

Hevy Devy rips through a re-mixed and re-tracked"By Your Command"

A drummer who writes ALL the music?

Nothing's quiet on the eastern front.

Suffice it to say that Trapt are fucking morons.

On the company's 25th anniversary, they continue to innovate.