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Yah, I don't have a mic locker either.

It's like a TARDIS - it's bigger on the inside.

You know, since we are perennially late for Throwback Thursday.

STEEEEEEEMPY, YOU EEEEEEEDIOT! is not something you'll say while listening to this.

It's pronounced Tie. So if you beat the crap out of them, are you a Taye fighter?

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay, I build Timbercraft cabinets all day

When the Levi breaks (the news) about mixing metal, you listen.

Every Time I Die converge with Kurt Ballou to make their new album

Not to be confused with Joan Jett and the, Blakhart Guitars are built with one goal: to be played by

May I interview Miss May I? I may.

Plus, two new installments in our series, Letchford through Art History!

Sick of dropping your pick, Nick? Give these a flick for your djentstick licks.