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An overdrive, improved by removing the overdrive. Curious?

No need to kemper your expectations: this is a quality pedal.

Yes, a new drummer rigged! Plus, drum mic'ing tips from Baptists' producer Kurt Ballou.

Its drive is professionally tight. Looseness is for amateur hour.

There's something to be said for making things look easy. Especially when nothing going on in this video is even

In a nutshell, you can buy Pro Tools bundles that include new Mac/Windows compatible versions of Apogee hardware bundled with

Give your guitar a delayed reaction.

For a song titled "Echoes" there sure isn't much delay on the any of the riffs. Maybe a little

Click through for the first of several making-of documentaries for the Boston Rippers' new album.

Forget about music gear. Old late '70s/early '80s video effects are cool as hell.

That footswitch can't be easy to step on way back there