MESA/Boogie Designed Their Lightest Cabinets Yet

Now this is the coolest piece of gear I’ve seen in a while. MESA/Boogie has got a new line of bass cabs, dubbed the Subway Ultra-Lite, the genetic makeup of which could be a piece of high-grade military equipment, from their “aircraft-style bracing” and “venting” to their “Tri-ports.” What?


We start with the heaviest duty, highest quality, lightweight Neodymium speakers and high-frequency tweeters and match these custom components to our innovative cabinet designs using lightweight Poplar ply. The cabinets are reinforced with aviation-style bracing and our proprietary, front-facing Tri-Port system, delivering a bass fundamental that’s crystal clear with outstanding musicality and responsiveness.

Its hard to get a sense of a cabinet from a video demo – probably harder than any other piece of music gear – but check out some videos from MESA below that talk about the technical specs and demonstrate the cabinets’ capabilities.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.