Gear Gods

Mr. Reyes has got a beautiful new signature guitar on LTD.

If you want it done right, you've got to DIY.

Put another shred on the barbee, mate!

Get the kick right or get kicked to the curb.

The band shows you how to play their crushing song "Silence"

Somewhere in Australia is a Portal

Plini the Elder, Plini the Younger, and now, Plini the Shredder!

Engineers Ade Emsley and Tony Newton take you into Abbey Road to learn more about the archiving and remastering process.

Take a Voyage to Oz, the land of prog and certain death by biting.

We chatted with Ro about the Australian music scene, his tone philosophy, and whether IBTS will ever be a full-on

He didn't Scale the Summit so much as he remained at the base of it for this playthrough.

I'd prefer a world filled with raspberry sauce, but if it's hollow, you can fill it with whatever you want!

Never heard of him? Buckle up

A music video/artisan guitar strap building documentary?

Interview with one of Australia's premiere guitar builders. See Dragonball Z guitar for proof.