Joel Grind Will Engineer Your Record

Well, here’s some interesting news for you. Joel Grind, lead guitarist, singer, and bandleader of Toxic Holocaust, Yellowgoat, and more, has struck out on his own as a freelance recording engineer. The last time we spoke to Joel, he was working under the Audiosiege Studios banner alongside mastering great Brad Boatright in Portland. Now, Joel is going solo, and the move is completely organic, he tells us:


All is still good between Brad and I, we sort of just decided to change it up so it wasn’t combined since he wants Audiosiege to focus more on mastering only where as I will be doing mixing, mastering and recording.

Which honestly, sounds good for both parties involved. Brad is a great guy and a fantastic mastering engineer, but it makes sense that he would focus his efforts a bit more on the mastering game. And with Joel’s active touring schedule, adopting more of a freelance schedule is more reasonable than committing to any kind of long-term in-house recording and mixing engineer job.

Want to record with Joel? Get in touch with him via his website or email And check out his HM-2 business card below, which is one of the cooler things I’ve seen in a while:


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