Gear Gods

Glenn demonstrates the importance of changing your strings before you record.

Not all are worthy to grace the bricked stage, none but the chosen few

22 is how many different faces Matt makes while playing this song.

This week we're giving away a Super Badass Distortion pedal!

Check out a "documentary" on the making of the hardcore band's upcoming Century Media release, Fail to Feel Safe

Bands tell us about their first piece of gear. What was yours?

Djent from the present day Czech Republic.

Watch a muscular young Santa Claus demo his way through his entire EBMM/SBMM line.

Enough with the guitar that shoots flames.

Here's a lesson in how NOT to treat your recording engineer.

Kirk Harris gives you a tour de force of 7 different Eminence speakers in a metal context.

Feared by many, loved by all, Ola Englund.

Let's talk about something you probably don't want to talk about.

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Other times, you get something awesome for free!