Gear Gods

[caption id="attachment_11186" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Sorry, this one's not real. We can dream though, can't we?[/caption] Though Konami and Hideo Kojima are

The series' creator may have finally made good on his promise to make his next Metal Gear game his last.

The play mechanics of the series have never been stronger. If only the surrounding mission were more interesting.

Freezing, can't move at all/Screaming, can't hear my call/Tesseract is dying to live/Cry out, they're playing on ice!

Ibanez went full-dynamic-angle in this clip.

Cherubs are anything but cherubic.

Zach's GoPro was certainly put through hell.

Trey gets a bit existential.

Bonus: They included the vocalist in the playthrough. Double-bonus: ruminations on the nature of a playthrough. Triple-bonus: I type the

If your band has a few amp modelers and you're looking to get some jam time together on the road,

This demonstration of a guitar fretted in quarters is

And of course, we also get an intimate look at his Mop and Handlebar.

Check in on the guitar and drum tracking for Crooked Doors.