Gear Gods

Ibanez went full-dynamic-angle in this clip.

Cherubs are anything but cherubic.

Zach's GoPro was certainly put through hell.

Trey gets a bit existential.

Bonus: They included the vocalist in the playthrough. Double-bonus: ruminations on the nature of a playthrough. Triple-bonus: I type the

If your band has a few amp modelers and you're looking to get some jam time together on the road,

This demonstration of a guitar fretted in quarters is

And of course, we also get an intimate look at his Mop and Handlebar.

Check in on the guitar and drum tracking for Crooked Doors.

Legendary guitarist is back with a new track from his upcoming Concrete Gardens record.

We talk to Linus about the gear he plays on the new Alkaloid album and with Obscura.

The dude in this case is Pete Cottrell, a London based guitarist who collaborated with Rob Scallon on Djenty Metal

Metal Injection catches up with the producer behind Noisem, Full of Hell, Mutilation Rites, Pianos Become the Teeth, and more.

Wes Sleepwalks his way through this demonstration of how to properly use pedals. And how to properly play the guitar.