False Passes: An Interview with Sannhet’s AJ Annunziata

One of this year’s biggest splashes was Sannhet‘s Revisionist. A boundary-pushing instrumental black metal release that incorporated equal parts Joy Division and Bathory, the band managed to appeal to a young crossover audience that doesn’t really know or care about what’s going on in the underground metal world. I was personally really excited for these guys, because they’ve been working at music for years, and it’s cool to see a couple of local Brooklyn guys break into a world that you almost never see from a band playing their kind of music.


The band also puts on a phenomenal live show, replete with sensuous visuals designed by bassist AJ Annunziata. As opposed to most bands these days who attempt this sort of thing, by projecting satanic or weird images onto a screen, the band let the animations cover the entire stage, forming unpredictable patterns on each member.

I sat down with AJ to discuss the band’s trajectory over the past year, the reception to Revisionist, the state of American black metal, and more. He’s a thoughtful and insightful dude, and I’m sure you guys are gonna enjoy hearing from him. Check it out:

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.