TOSIN ABASI New Signature Guitar Prototype Is Bonkers

Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders took to Instagram this weekend to tease (and then fully unveil) the prototype for his 2016 Ibanez signature model. It looks a bit like a variation on a Claas with a multiscale neck, what looks like some Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups, a single volume knob, and of course 8 strings.


Whether or not you think it looks good, this is definitely a huge step forward for Ibanez in terms of progressive design. What do you think?

Tosin Abasi signature prototype

Also, check out these videos Tosin posted showcasing the prototype on his Instagram…

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  • on the 3rd instagram post he’s put “#pegasus #sentient” so presumably those are the pickups just in soapbar cases

  • Ibanez has that massive non-cutaway upper horn on their ‘terra firma’ BTB bass as well, although it looks much better on a guitar.

  • When will it be available?

    • This year, but as abasi guitars, now that the Ibanez

  • Did the guitar ever come out to market?

    • He left Ibanez and is releasing it under his own brand

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