Gear Gods

Zildjian's slinky-style cymbal is the most exciting slinky-style cymbal on the market!

Portland's riff-masters slay all the posers in their new videos.

If you've got two grand, you can own a bass owned by the Between the Buried and Me/Trioscapes big-bottom man!

The hippopotamus is the fifth deadliest animal in the world, but the Blue Hippo is the chillest sounding pedal in

I vote for a rule that all 64-bit plugins have to have "64" at the end of the name, like

There is no way that this rig makes it through any kind of security checkpoint.

How often do 35mm film, bloody pickguards, and hand-painted frames end up in the same sentence?

I was working in the KeyLab late one night

We check in with one of the noisiest, heaviest guitar players in the game.

The best Japanese-American alliance since Full of Hell & Merzbow!

Designed in partnership with Carlo Sorasio, Italy’s premier boutique amp and pedal builder.