ARTIST SERIES GUITARS To Release EXODUS Blood in, Blood Out-Themed Guitar

Artist Series Guitars is a brand that makes, well, artist series guitars. They specialize in limited runs of guitars that are themed on a band, album, song, or sometimes TV shows or other things, with a large graphic splashed across the front.


They’ve just recently announced an Exodus-themed guitarfeaturing artwork from their most recent Blood In, Blood Out album. I’ve not tried any of these guitars, but I think they’re primarily meant to be display guitars, although some of them have a player/displayer option and EXODUS lead guitarist Gary Holt says, “It’s not an ornament… it’s a real instrument with bitchin’ ass artwork on it— and it’s fully sanctioned and backed by EXODUS and Artist Series Guitar.” So maybe it’s not half bad?

They retail for $699, and you can reserve yours now for $100 down.

Exodus ASG 2

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