When Will 18-String Metal Arise To Compete With This Dude?

Why is metal so slow to catch up with Ian Ethan? Taking a pretty simple concept – using hammer-ons and a percussive sweep to simultaneously play both necks of a double-necked guitar (with a 12-string top neck) – this dude is sort of laying it all out there for the next budding Tosin Abasi/Misha Mansoorcore guitarist to do this sort of thing in metal.


Kudos to the Ian for writing a catchy tune. It’s based in open tunings and limited harmonic movement so that he can fret one neck while strumming voices on the other (or perform the piano-esque Stanley Jordan style two-handed tapping that Tosin Abasi has become known for). Now where’s the kid that has the patience to distort this and make 18-string metal?

Check out “Butter II” below and if you dig it, he’s got a full album of songs like this that came out a few weeks ago, entitled Run Toward the Mountains.

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  • Just what I need, another reason to quit playing guitar! This dude is ridiculous.

  • Oh great, it’s just like djent. Absolute shit with no dynamics.

    • Your ears are absolute shit.

      • 1v1 halo fite me irl

    • You should learn what “dynamics” are.

      • Yeah, thanks. Due to the percussive nature of playing this way and the force required to elicit sound from an acoustic guitar, whether it’s Justin King, Michael Hedges, or fucking anyone else, it is difficult to get differing levels of volume when playing. Striking the guitar to get the tones while tapping gives you a consistent sound with no real attack to the note and a diminsihed amount of volume dynamics. So eat shit you fucking mongoloid.

        • FACT: it’s physically impossible to strike the guitar and/or its strings with different levels of force.

          • That’s exactly what I would expect a troglodyte like you to say. The guitar is not an instrument like the harpsichord, dynamics can be manipulated by the intensity of the pick attack. Do you even know what the instrument is? There’s a particular reason that Jeff Buckley does not sound the same as The Ramones you fucking sperg.

          • Awe, look at the little boy.

          • What a fag.

          • It’s funny you say that. You act like the Ian Ethan guy isn’t even a good player. Like he’s just average. You, little boy, are a fool.

          • I would relish the luxury one must presumably have in order to get so colicky about this. Enjoy it, Mr. Hader.

          • There’s no point in arguing with such a narrow-minded fool. He believes he knows it all, which keeps him from ever learning anything new. Just have the satisfaction in knowing you can see/hear what is really being displayed in this guy’s playing. Not only are there many examples of dynamics within this, but many different techniques. Not just the tapping technique. This Philip dude is obviously a bit slower than he likes to act. Even a player like Victor Wooten would be humble enough to give credit to this Ian Ethan guy for his ability.

    • I mean, Djent may require consistent attack towards the guitar and thus not be terribly dynamic, but it’s weird to focus that as a critique of djent rather than just like, rock or metal guitar in general.

  • Look at how he’s integrating himself in his instrument. He is the guitar, man. Far out!

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