nOb – One Knob To Rule Them All

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The advantages of working inside the box as a producer, engineer, or musician are endless. The access to top of the line sounds has never been easier or cheaper, and powerful tools make for more creativity. But there are some things that the analog realm has that are missing with a mouse and keyboard – the tactile control.

Enter nOb. It’s not just a funny British slang term for male reproductives, it’s a modular, freestanding knob with two switches that you can use to adjust any parameter in any program on your computer, simply by hovering your mouse over it. This has far-reaching implications for not just audio production, but video, photo, art, anything really. Not only could this improve your workflow immensely, it also makes adjusting parameters more intuitive and accurate. Nothing bogs my creativity down more than fighting with a slider or virtual knob in Pro Tools.

The nOb is currently being funded on Kickstarter, where you can reserve yours for just €129 ($137).

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