The In Flames Les Paul Skill Check

This is a story so weird and crazy I honestly cannot even be sure if it’s true. If it is a hoax, it’s a pretty involved one, so whoever pulled it off is pretty dedicated.


According to this video, Gibson and In Flames used the app Shazam (the one that you use to find out what song is playing on the radio in your car, right before you crash it) to judge the accuracy of a player’s performance of a solo written by Björn Gelotte. That means to enter the “contest”, you have to learn the solo, then perform it for your mobile device like they were a panel of judges, and if you play it accurately enough, it will unlock access to an exclusive pre-order for Björn’s signature Epiphone. There is a small chance to win one, but basically you’re just playing for the chance to pay for one before everyone else.

From the past tense of most of the voiceover from this ad makes it sound like the “contest” is already over, but as I was unable to find a link to buy the guitar anywhere, it’s possible that it’s still going on. So I guess if you can play this solo


you could “win” a chance to buy this guitar?

They must be tripping – they think that guitar players can read STANDARD NOTATION??!!?! This is clearly a European contest.

I don’t understand advertising. Maybe that’s why I’m always buying shit I don’t need?

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