Fluff Demos The Digitech DROP Pedal – Drop Tuning Without The Hassle

The prospect of de-tuning your guitar on stage is a harrowing one. None of the options are very good – physically tuning your strings down makes them floppier, and if you have any manner of floating bridge you can forget it altogether, the Morpheus DropTune was a pedal that pretty much only sounded good for a step down (and is now discontinued), or using something like a Variax, which limits your guitar selection to, well, a Variax.


Enter the Drop pedal from Digitech (makers of the Whammy pedal). It picks up where the Morpheus left off, and took off running with it. The complaints that I heard most about the Morpheus was the warble sound when you went too far down, and the noticeable latency. The Drop pedal apparently has none of these problems, as Fluff demonstrates for us in the following video.

This could be indispensable if you play in multiple tunings and don’t want to bring a library of guitars to the gig. The quality seems to be entirely lossless, and especially for the live arena, the convenience would be pretty stellar.

More info on the Drop at Digitech’s website.

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  • Just put this on my board.Great pedal. Normally tuned to Eb. Put it on four and you’ve got instant Carcass and Crowbar. Sounds perfect and no dealing with loose sting tension to boot. The momentary option and octave down with dry signal mix is cool as hell too. Best pedal I’ve bought in a minute.

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