Gear Gods

Watch the Trioscapes skinsman slay the Digital Dream Sequence beast.

That airplane really emanates an authentic, analog warmth, don't you think?

Think you can film a kickass guitar lesson? Yeah, we think you can, too.

How'd you like to Gar-see-a his rig?

I'm disrespectful to dirt! And

Oh, and he nominates Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and John Mayer.

They sing in the dead of night. That's pretty metal if you ask me.

Drum cam footage from the band's performance at the Warped Tour this summer.

Well it's time to get it dead right. I mean

I knew Grohl was cool but like, Pharrell?? And

What do you mean I didn't specify which band member in the headline? It's all of them, obviously.