Glenn Fricker’s Attack of the Snivelling Skin Beaters

In response to his How To Record Heavy Drums series, Glenn has received a deluge of feedback, both positive and negative. But apparently Glenn has never head this song, and chooses to accentuate the negative (it’s kind of more fun, isn’t it?) so his responses in this Viewer Comments video are mostly from whiny drummers and/or engineers complaining about his recording advice:


He’s not letting any whiny excuses by, and giving the whiners what they need – the cold truth. Sure, you can get away with doing none of the things he suggests, and you might even make an okay recording. But the difference between acceptable and spectacular is in the details, and anyone who doesn’t want to put in the extra effort to get it where it needs to be can be satisfied with mediocrity forever.

So listen to this young Santa Claus and his words of wisdom before he grows tired of the human race and moves just slightly farther north to begin building toys.

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