SLATE DIGITAL Unleashes VCC 2.0, Harmonic Distortion Enthusiasts Have Field Day

Slate Digital just yesterday released their Virtual Console Collection 2.0, a much-anticipated update to the plug-in that not only adds Pro Tools 11 support via AAX, but also manages to add a bunch of awesome features to it.


For those who have never heard of this plug-in, it’s basically a faithful reproduction of the sound and processes that happen inside large mixing consoles. If you ever wondered why your recordings and mixes at home sound sterile compared to big budget studios, this is why – analog mixing consoles introduce harmonic distortion that make the recordings wider and have more depth, leaving a more desirable soundscape. Before VCC came out a few years ago it was not possible to get this console sound at home or in a project studio.

Here are some of the few new features in 2.0:

6 Authentic Emulations of Classic Analog Mixing Consoles

Includes two plugins that faithfully reproduce the signal path of the consoles channel and mixbuss.

Group Multiple Instances via Front Panel

Adds Depth, Width, Vibe and Tone to Digital Mixes

Add Extra Harmonics and Saturation with the Added Drive Parameter

No Latency, Low CPU

Intel Mac 32bit: RTAS

Intel Mac 64bit: AAX, VST2, VST3 and AU

Windows 32bit: RTAS

Windows 32bit and 64bit: AAX, VST2 and VST3

One of the biggest features added in 2.0 is the addition of a 6th console emulation of the famous SSL 4000E mixing consoles.

I will be doing a more in depth review of VCC 2.0 at a later date where I will dive into to all the new features, see what improvements have been made and most importantly, how well does the plug-in do its intended job.

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Alex Nasla is a keyboardist, producer and mixing engineer. He keeps busy making audio plugins for Rosen Digital, is audio director at multimedia company Toxic Creativity and is involved in 3 different musical endeavors. 

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