NAMM 2015 – CAPARISON Brocken 8 String – With Demo

Caparison Guitars is a Japanese guitar company that makes some of the very sexiest guitars around. Their signature “devil’s tail” headstock and fast necks (some of which sport 27 frets) make for some very metal axes.


The new Caparison Brocken follows the Apple Horn 8 as the second 8 string in the Caparison line. The Brocken features a much more simplistic design (the Apple Horn 8 has True Temperament frets and a tremolo) with a Hipshot hardtail bridge and regular ol’ grandpa straight across frets. The body is half walnut/half mahogany, which must make for a heavy guitar in more ways than one.

Bonus: Ghost Ship Octavius guitarist Matthew Wicklund demonstrates the guitar!

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  • Sounds like shit, lows are loose and highs are thin, bah

    • tension is fine because of 27″ scale length i dont think it was loose sounding. highs seemed to be nice too. haters gonna hate

      • So if you don’t like something and you say it, you’re a hater. I see.

  • Fucking ugly and the dude who demonstrates it did a really poor job o_O bad advertisement…

    I love being the positive guy lol.

  • ugly finish imo

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