NAMM 2015 – Pro Tools FIRST Is a Free Version of Pro Tools With 16 Tracks

Avid’s Pro Tools is a DAW I use for all my recordings, mostly because it’s the one I learned to use, and after using it for 12 years, I don’t know or care if there’s something better because hell if I’m gonna switch now.


Avid is taking a serious step – maybe (hopefully) forward, maybe in a different direction (only time will tell) – and offering two new products for 2015. Back in 2008 the company (which was still called DigiDesign) released a free version of PT called Pro Tools Free, with 8 tracks of available audio, but somewhere along the line they discontinued it. Now they’ve announced Pro Tools FIRST.

Pro Tools First is going to be a free version of Pro Tools with 16 tracks to work with, and the ability to collaborate with Pro Tools 12 users.

We got a rep at NAMM to tell us a bit about how Pro Tools First is going to work:

And here’s the official promo:

Pro Tools 12, on the other hand, is going to be (like the Creative Cloud from Adobe) available as a subscription service, rather than a one-time buy (although that will still be an option). Avid Cloud Collaboration promises to make collaboration across the internet easier than ever.

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