NAMM 2015 – Dunlop Mini Cry Baby Wah-Wah Pedal

If you’ve ever opened up a wah-wah pedal, you’ll know that inside the casing there isn’t a whole ton of stuff in there. It’s mainly the casing that’s made to be foot-sized (for obvious reasons) but with a little ingenuity, the components could be condensed into a much smaller space WAIT I THINK I SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING.


As it turns out, Dunlop – makers of the ubiquitous Cry Baby wah – are way ahead of me. They’ve discovered the shrink ray and used it for the very best possible purpose, the Mini Cry Baby! It’s adorable, and it seems to sound pretty much identical – but it takes up a lot less space on your board.

Check out this wee wah in action in the video below, straight from the floor of NAMM 2015:

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  • I messed with this at NAMM but didn’t dig it. It didn’t feel as expressive or precise when you let your foot hang off the top. Also it didn’t sound very good (but maybe it was the way the pedal board was setup at the booth).

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