VOYAGER – “You The Shallow” Dual Guitar Playthrough

A Voyager is what you’d have to be if you wanted to see this band in their native habitat. Like the kangaroo, wallaby, platypus, and Colin Hay, they come from a land down under. And like the aforementioned wildlife, they have some unique qualities.


Their sound is definitely not like anything I’m hearing recently at all. It’s got some elements of modern prog metal (I’m for sure hearing some vintage Dream Theater around the 1:25 mark) and is maybe a tad bit djenty with the application of polymetric content, but it’s far from the cliches of that sound as well. The vocals are of a different sort altogether, and the keys are more reminiscent of trancey dance music than metal. Altogether, it’s a very refreshing take on prog.

Voyager is definitely making the rounds, having toured with Dead Letter Circus and supported Protest the Hero they will be playing the always sold-out ProgPower USA and a tour TBA to follow.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the shred of Simone Dow shredding her MusicMan and Scott Kay on the Ibanez, both of which they endorse.

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