This time, it wasn't a black metal band shooting videos in the forest.

A flawless blend of black/death/-core from Northern California.

AWIP drummer Anthony Adipietro closes out a series of exclusive playthroughs with "The Imperfect: Iconoclast."

I'm not sure "tea" is what's making these guys so sleepy.

AWIP guitarist D'Andre Tyre blitzes through their recent single, "A Darkened Gospel."

Chris Letchford aims for the stars in this "Astral Kids" playthrough.

NYC deathcore outfit release the first in a series of exclusive playthroughs!

What's your Phobia? If you're afraid of tight drumming, don't look in here!

Old mate Max Bremer from Kingdom of Giants chugged out this exclusive playthrough of their new single "Damaged Goods" for us.