Clear Your Schedule and Watch This Full-Band Playthrough of GALAKTIKON’s “The Agenda”


We live in a world where there is little to no chance of a new Dethklok album, but that hasn’t stopped the man behind the Klok, Brendon Small. Small has been busy on writing and recording the new bangin’ Galaktikon album, Galaktikon II:Become the Storm! Brendon was also nice enough to get himself, Bryan Beller, and Gene Hoglan together and give us this playthrough of the song, “The Agenda”.

What more could you want from this thing? You like cool riffs? You like killer songwriting? You like catchy-as-hell hooks? Then get in here and give this thing a watch! It’s got everything you would want from a Dethklok song, only you just can’t legally call it Dethklok.

Galaktikon II: Become the Storm is out now both digitally and physically. You can find all sorts of places to get it on the Galaktikon website.

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