KIESEL GUITARS: Justin McKinney of THE FACELESS Shreds Through His Own Track “Empty Vessel”


The Faceless/The Zenith Passage guitarist Justin McKinney is known for being a straight-up metal machine. The dude has the concentration of a hawk on the hunt, and the technical precision of a fuckin’ calculator. So it’s no suprise that this new playthrough (released through Kiesel Guitars) for his original song “Empty Vessel” lives up to the hype. Yeah that’s right, even while being a full-time member of two insane tech-metal bands, the dude still has time to release his own kickass music. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

In the playthrough, Justin takes a more melodic approach with his playing, which is pretty cool to see. The song is full of soaring melody lines, thick synth passages, and an overall memorable chord progression. And even through the musicality of it all, Justin still maintains the technical chops that he’s known for throughout the song.

If you dug Justin’s original tuneage here, we’ve got some good news for you: there’s more to come. Justin recently stated that he plans on putting together an album of all his solo work, so you’d better get ready once that drops.

To follow Justin’s work with The Faceless and The Zenith Passage, check out their respective pages here and here.

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