SOILWORK’s Bastian Thusgaard Continues to Perfect the Bathroom Playthrough

Here’s Bastian Thusgaard coming at you again straight from the bathroom with a killer playthrough of Soilwork‘s “Enemies in Fidelity”.


So we have featured Bastian a few times here at Gear Gods and that’s because he can play the drums rather well. The track is taken from Soilwork’s most recent release The Ride Majestic on which the drum parts were laid down by Dirk Verbeuren (now of Megadeth). Bastian has no issue playing someone else’s parts though as we can see from this and his other videos of songs which he didn’t write himself; his ease of playing is impressive and he never looks for a minute like he is struggling.

There’s trademark Soilwork groove, melody and fast paced riffage all over this track which many have heralded as a return to form for the Swedish melo-death giants, their recent album a throwback to their more aggressive routes of their early days. Bastian keeps it real with some quick as fuck blast beats, tricky kick patterns and smooth playing, it is worth noting that the dude is only 25 years old too.

It will be certainly interesting to see what Bastian can do with the band going forwards and whether his creative style matches up to his playing ability when the band come to recording.

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  • wait, Dirk left Soilwork?

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