BREAKING: Periphery’s Misha Teaches YOU How to Play “The Way the News Goes…”


You know Periphery, right? Of course you do! But, can you play like Periphery? No? Well, not with that attitude! It’s OK though, Misha’a got your back with a tutorial for the song “The Way the News Goes…”.

In this video from SweetwaterSound, Misha gives us an in depth look at the opening riff from the song, as well as the thought process of how the band comes up with some of their magic. It’s crazy to see that, even though apparently none of the boys in the band know a lick of theory, they can come up with consistently complex stuff AND be able to explain it in a way that makes sense (at least to me, but I’m no guitar player). Good on ya, boys!

You want to learn more of those Peripheral songs? Well the band’s got whole books of that stuff! Also, catch the this fall on their tour with Animals as Leaders, Carbomb, and Astronoid. Find all of those dates and more from their Facebook,

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Writer with a degree in Recording Technology. Nothing about my background gives me the credibility to relay any of this information to you. But here we are.