Rob Scallon and Friends Get Low (Like, Double Drop B Low) With Video For “Rogue”

Rob Scallon, YouTube’s favorite metal man, is at it again! Known for his wacky experiments in metal (that usually end up being pretty awesome), Rob graces the world with a new song in DOUBLE Drop B Tuning, “Rogue”.

Rob uses a slightly unnecessary 9-string guitar for this even MORE unnecessary tuning, but still manages to make it a banger. Along for the ride on this rumbly tune is a nice handful of axemen and an axe-lady, as Jeff Loomis, Leah Woodward, Ola Englund, and Garrett Peters (whew!) all feature on this track.

The song comes on Rob’s new album called The Scene is Dead, and you can find it on pretty much all streaming services, as well as physically in his online store. Oh, and make sure you watch all of his videos on his YouTube channel, because the world needs more people like you.

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