DREWSIF STALIN’S MUSICAL ENDEAVORS Makes You Cry With “Monkton” Guitar Playthrough (ft. Derek Sampson) – Exclusive Premiere


You probably don’t need an introduction to guitar maestro Drewsif Stalin. He has been setting the metal world on fire with his songwriting, technical ability, and most notably, his production. The dude must be a warlock or something because he just oozes QUALITY. And now you can throw gorgeous cinematography in the pile, from his playthrough video for “Monkton” (ft. Derek Sampson).

The video is set in a field just at sunset, with our main men Drewsif and Derek doing what they do best. The relentless track pairs exceptionally well with the visuals (brace yourselves for when that chorus drops), and the guys are totally in the zone with this thing. The leads are incredible, vocal hooks are catchy as hell. This video has pretty much everything going for it.

“Monkton” comes from Drewsif’s recent album Anhedonia, which you can buy for your very own earholes at his Bandcamp. Not enough Drewsif for ya? Why don’t you go like his Facebook page for updates on his adventures? You want more? Go check out his YouTube channel for more sick Drewsif vids.

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  • Meh. Yet another hipster metal band trying to capture the epic ambiguity of life.

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