March 2015

Creative Live's upcoming clinics "Guitarist’s Tech Workshop" with Kurt Bloch and Ben Verellen and “Fundamentals of Drum Tuning and

We check in with the drum-auteur behind Intronaut, Murder Construct, Cloudkicker, and more.

MXL celebrates their 20th anniversary with some stylish new looks.

The Coup De Villes perform the theme to Big Trouble in Little China

Eddie doesn't look like he's stopping anytime soon.

More ins and outs than before.

Potentially the most important step.

Phil Dubois-Coyne's temporary drum replacement is more than suited to the task.

The Denver shredder shares some secrets of the craft.

You can Spyla cop a riff off this video.

Growing up and learning about metal, I found a lot of black metal, generally, to be pretty silly. To me,

Kiesel does it again, this time with a take on a more classic shape.

Podcast features the engineer behind records by Sleep, Pallbearer, Eyehategod, Mr. Bungle, and more.