March 2015

The Lamb of God drummer's Mapex Warbird is really something.

Defend your scene with this sweet gun-tar!

Check out "Bridgeburner" performed live at GodCity Studio.

Can't stop, won't stop - but if you wanna stop by, March 20-23, Orlando.

If you can be Overzoid, can you be underzoid? Can you be just zoid?

Because more real estate on your board is something you'll always need.

Somewhat more popular than their competitors, "Cold Audio".

His newest Thrash Course video may be the best yet!

Win strings and more good stuff from Ernie Ball.

Check some studio footage from the recording of the band's new Outward EP with engineer Kevin Bernsten.

Some pro-shot footage from 2014's Brutal Assault festival proves it!

Mapex's Bearing Edge is on the bleeding edge of technology.