March 2015

Metal Injection catches up with the producer behind Noisem, Full of Hell, Mutilation Rites, Pianos Become the Teeth, and more.

Wes Sleepwalks his way through this demonstration of how to properly use pedals. And how to properly play the guitar.

In which Trey fangirls HARD.

Thoughts on Code Orange Kids, Dillinger Escape Plan, CHON, and more.

It's not the worst place to hide a coke mirror.

11% of our fans are about to get a little pissed off

Glenn finds something he actually likes.

Apparently some fans can't see the light even though the #veilhasrisen.

Evan's got something a' Brewering.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night - that's pretty brutal if you ask me.

Mr. Nilsson goes to NAMM.

And as a bonus: we get angry about vertical videos.