Furious Glenn Fricker Reviews the SviSound OVERZOID OD Pedal

I”ve been getting way into OD pedals lately. In fact, since I started getting into them, I have a seriously hard time playing an amp without one. It”s like chips with no salsa – what”s the point? And I got to have my nerd version of a field day with the 27 OD pedals we used while shooting our upcoming overdrive shootout (it”s gonna be TITS), casino online so I”ve had OD on the brain lately. You might even say I”ve OD”d on ODs.


But that didn”t stop me from enjoying this OD pedal demo from the Rage of the Great White North, the moosemeat munching maniac, the Mounties” most wanted metalhead, Furious Glenn Fricker.

I”d never heard of the SviSound Overzoid before I saw this video, or SviSound at all before, so I went in with fresh ears and no expectations. I, like Glenn, really dig the steampunk-y vibe of the pedal, which, upon closer inspection of their website, actually turns out to be one of the least steampunk ones. Aaaaaand I”m sold! Makes me wish I”d heard of this company before I did the shootout……

Anyway, here”s an unusually cheery Glenn giving the Overzoid some screentime and a thorough demonstration:

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